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Monday, May 28, 2018

RVC administration recently requested that Council provide direction on next steps related to the ARP. Administration gave Council four options, which were:

1. Cease the development of any aggregate plan and continue to assess aggregate development on a case-by-case basis against the policies and goals of the County Plan

2. Direct a re-write of the plan guided by a steering committee consisting of residents, and representatives of the industry and other stakeholder groups.

3. Direct administration to develop a Plan that only covers application submission requirements and performance standards to improve how applications are assessed. This would leave consideration of site location to Council’s discretion on a case-by case basis.

4. Continue the ARP project under modified terms based on the direction of Council.

The ASGA supports option three and encourages RVC to remain committed to the draft ARP and to revise policies to emphasize compliance with application submission requirements and performance standards.

Aggregate Facts

Did you know that for straight gravel hauls with minimal traffic, the price of aggregate increases $0.15 per tonne for every mile from the extraction site? Close to market reserves is one way the aggregate industry reduces environmental footprints and risk of accident.