2021 Board of Directors Election to be held on January 19.

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ASGA Board of Directors
2023 Elections
Nominations for the 2023 ASGA Board of Directors Elections are now open.

Three of nine seats will be elected by Regular/Producer members of the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association. Any Regular/Producer member may be nominated for the Board of Directors as well. Associate, Consultant, and Municipal Government members are not eligible to run or vote.

To be nominated, Producer members will need to fill out the nomination form. The form requires contact information, accompanied by two signatures from representatives from two other producer members.

Completed forms must be submitted to ASGA Executive Director John Ashton by Friday, November 18th, 2022 at 5:00 PM. They can be submitted by e-mail (john.ashton@asga.ab.ca) or by fax (780.435.2044).

A contested election will be conducted on the Election Runner online voting application, with results announced at the 2023 ASGA Convention.