Western Heritage Archaeology and Heritage Management

Western Heritage is an archaeological and heritage management firm with offices across Alberta and Saskatchewan. For nearly 3 decades we have assisted organizations in achieving heritage regulatory clearance. Our customers include oil and gas, mining, forestry, aggregate producers and infrastructure developers. We also provide geomatics, remote sensing and GIS services, near surface geophysics and satellite imagery sales. Our experience allows us to complete projects on time and on budget.

Western Heritage Archaeology and Heritage Management
46A Riel Drive
St. Albert
AB T8N 3Z8

Phone: 780-458-5698 ext 215

Website: http://www.westernheritage.ca


Aggregate Facts

Did you know that for straight gravel hauls with minimal traffic, the price of aggregate increases $0.15 per tonne for every mile from the extraction site? Close to market reserves is one way the aggregate industry reduces environmental footprints and risk of accident.