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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Following the second round of public engagement for the Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP), the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA) submitted a formal response to Rocky View County (RVC) with their position on the latest draft enclosed.

RVC administration committed to reviewing all submissions received and to consider them as they move forward in the ARP process.

A high-level summary of the ASGA’s submission is as follows:

The proposed ARP document for the most part demonstrates a rational approach to land use and resource planning and consistently follows the policy directions developed by Rocky View County Council during the past decade, striving for a balanced planning policy that recognizes the value of non-renewable aggregate resources.

Based on our review of the revised ARP, the ASGA cannot support the ARP as proposed for the following reasons:

  • Unwarranted and unjustifiable residential and environmental setbacks;
  • No relationship established between setbacks and ARP performance standards;
  • Sterilization of non-renewable resources due to proposed setback requirements;
  • Approval authority conferred by ARP to residents in order to vary proposed setbacks;
  • Lack of notice provisions for non-aggregate development in aggregate deposit areas;
  • Duration of development permit maximum period is deemed unreasonable;
  • Exemption of county operated sites from ARP requirements;
  • Scope of site production assessments and request for sensitive market information;
  • Requirement for interim reclamation after one (1) year of inactivity; and
  • Lack of grandfathering provisions for sites with current approvals.


To review the complete submission, please click here.


Aggregate Facts

15,000 tonnes of aggregate is required to build an average size school or hospital.