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Friday, July 29, 2022

At ASGA’s January 2023 Convention, the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association will be presenting their Award of Excellence for the sixth time. Applications for this award are open as of today. 

This award highlights operations that contribute to progressing the sand and gravel industry, This can be applied to projects that improve standards and operations in pits or initiatives that contribute to a better community 

Last year, Burnco won the award for the first time for a large-scale reclamation project in Canmore. Lafarge currently hold the record with the more awards at three. 

If your company has made changes to better OH & S practices, environmental sustainability, community involvement, or operations efficiency, please apply. 

The application deadline is Friday, November 4th. The Board will select the successful applicant at their November 17th meeting. 

Download the Application now.

Aggregate Facts

One mile of a 6-lane highway needs 133,500 tonnes of aggregate.