Water Act Applications for Sand and Gravel Operations in Alberta - Edmonton Session Go back

Friday, April 24, 2015
Location: Stanley Milner Public Library, Edmonton
Time: 9:30 – 4:30

Please note that this course has been updated to reflect recent changes to policy
Registration fee: $250 plus GST: includes course materials and meals

To register, please send a completed Registration Form to the ASGA office via email info@asga.ab.ca or fax 780-435-2044
This training course is designed for sand and gravel industry representatives and service providers as an introduction to preparing Water Act applications and managing situations that may require a water Act authorization.The objective of the training course is to provide participants with knowledge of the requirements to prepare a licence application under the Water Act, specific to sand and gravel operations. Upon completing the course, participants will have an understanding of:

• the overall legislation and policy related to water,
• the situations or conditions triggering the need for an application under the Water Act,
• the application process,
• what assessments and expertise is required, and
• where to find references for further information.

The training course will include the following modules:

1. Water Policy in Alberta
a. A background is provided on Alberta policy, why water management is important, what situations require Water Act authority and the consequences of not obtaining the proper approval.

2. Application Process
a. A description of the different types of applications required, information requirements of applications, timelines, costs and exemptions from licencing.

3. Approval Conditions
a. A description of standard approval requirements to expect associated with monitoring, testing, reporting water usage and duration of approvals.

4. Resources
a. Sources of reference materials, tips and fact sheets that will assist the completion of an application.

5. Case Studies
a. Case studies will be presented, one from operations on private land and one from operations on public land. The case studies will demonstrate how site specific conditions are addressed and managed.

Aggregate Facts

In the past 60 years, the per capita consumption of aggregate has increased from 3.5 tonnes per year to 12 tonnes annually.